MOT’s and Testing


We test all lights on the vehicle, including headlights and their aim, the stop lamps, all reflectors and indicators, the indicators and the rear fog lights.

Steering and Suspension

We then continue to check the steering and suspension of the vehicles. The steering checks include the steering control and the mechanism system, the power steering and transmission shafts. The suspension checks include testing the front and rear suspension and the shock absorbers.

Tyres and Wheels

Tests on the tyres and wheel includes checking they are the right size and type for the vehicle. Whether they are in good condition and whether they are legal road wheels.


Tests to the ABS warning system and controls, check the condition of the disk, drums and pads (depending the vehicle) and the parking brake system are to name but a few.

Seat Belts

Seatbelts are important for passenger safety when and if a driving incident occurs as they help to save life’s. The checks on seatbelts include the mounting, positions and condition of the systems.

General Tests

There are many other tests to the vehicles that you have to carry out. These other test include the exhaust system and emissions. Making sure the horn work and all mirrors are present. The vehicle must also have VIN numbers.

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